Akech Malual, UMMC Graduate Certificate in Medical Biochemistry

Akech Malual, a recent graduate, was kind enough to share his experience of UMMC’s online Graduate Medical Biochemistry Certificate Program. When asked what appealed to him about our Certificate Program, he gave a candid answer: “Having access to my courses online was the main thing that attracted me to…the University of Mississippi Medical Center. I was able to keep my day job while pursuing my education.” Many students in our Certificate Program share Malual’s sentiment, as our program is designed with working professionals and post-baccalaureate students in mind.

Entirely online, our Certificate Program allows students to continue their education on their own time without having to sacrifice personal or professional commitments. Students join group discussions, watch video lectures and take exams all through Canvas, our online learning platform. Without setting foot on campus, working professionals like Malual receive first-rate instruction in medical biochemistry and the biochemistry of selected diseases.

For Malual, finding an online program flexible enough to allow him to complete coursework on his own time was especially important, as his current position provides valuable real-world biochemistry experience but keeps him busy. “My current job is a lab technician at a major university hospital’s pathology lab. I work in mini departments throughout the week, such as blood bank, chemistry, and microbiology, and handle tasks such as processing specimens and running clinical tests,” said Malual. According to Malual, Biochemistry III: Forensic Biotechnology stood out as a favorite course because of its real-world applications. Laboratory techniques taught in our virtual labs, such as PCR and CRISPR, are essential skills that Malual was able to immediately employ on the job.

In UMMC’s Certificate Program, Malual gained not only essential laboratory skills but also biochemistry knowledge that opened doors to new opportunities. “My certificate definitely has helped me gain acceptance into [graduate school],” says Malual, who plans to pursue his dental education through an MS in Biological Sciences program. Graduates of our Certificate Program often leverage their Certificate to gain acceptance into graduate school, expand their knowledge of biochemistry and ultimately secure rewarding careers in the field. A Certificate in Graduate Medical Biochemistry can also help graduates advance in their current biochemistry-related positions or transition into new roles.

What contributed to Malual’s academic success? First and foremost, a devotion to his studies. “Online learning can be difficult if you are not motivated,” said Malual. “However, I had a great experience, and I highly recommend it because you’ll get [faculty] support.”

Although our Certificate Program is entirely online, our faculty strives to provide the individualized coaching, instruction, and advising students need to thrive in a biochemistry program. According to Malual, our Program faculty were always accommodating when it came to his professional commitments. “[Course Director] Dr. Hennington and [Assistant Professor] Dr. Syed went above and beyond to make sure that I was successful,” said Malual. “They understand my background and the hardship of balancing work and school at the same time.”

Thanks in part to the efforts of Dr. Hennington and Dr. Syed, Malual thrived in our online Program and continues to hold it in high regard, stating that courses taught online are the same quality as those taught on campus. Whether attending an online classroom or an in-person meeting, our knowledgeable, caring faculty strive to assist students whenever help is needed. “The people in this program made learning enjoyable,” Malual enthused. “I would absolutely recommend this online format to anyone interested in learning biochemistry.”

Our Certificate Program is designed for aspiring professionals interested in gaining the foundational knowledge of biochemistry required in clinical, educational and professional settings. Entirely online and asynchronous, our Program’s courses can be completed anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection and provide students with the knowledge needed to thrive in a biochemistry-related career or pursue a master’s degree, as Malual has. If you’re interested in learning the fundamentals of biochemistry at your own pace, UMMC’s Certificate Program is right for you.

Does Malual have any final words of advice for anyone considering UMMC’s online Graduate Medical Biochemistry Certificate Program? “I would advise any prospective students to take their studies seriously, because biochemistry can be a challenging subject, so plan ahead, study hard and reach out for help when necessary.”

At UMMC, we can provide you with the online courses, individualized instruction and practical knowledge in biochemistry you need to earn a Graduate Certificate. All you need to do is apply to our Certificate Program and share in Malual’s enthusiasm for biochemistry, engaging coursework and academic advancement.

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