Course Description

CMB 708 BIOCHEMISTRY IV: Genetics, Development and Disease (3 credit hours) is a project-based course that will include studies in DNA repair mechanisms, the basis of selected genetic diseases and pedigree development, study of DNA mutation and cancer, and treatment options for DNA-based diseases. Students will also explore how alteration of certain metabolic pathways relates to the development and progression of some human diseases. These projects will include the examination of regulations and ethics surrounding treatment and prevention of genetic diseases. Further, students will develop research, writing, and presentation skills necessary for the workforce.

Course Information

Learning Outcomes
  • Explain DNA replication and repair.
  • State the central dogma of DNA-RNA-Protein and explain the exceptions.
  • Explain the cell cycle, its control mechanisms, and its role in development of cancer.
  • Explain cell division and its relation to the cell cycle.
  • Describe the molecular biology of gene regulation in animals.
  • Describe two protein-DNA interactions.
  • Investigate essential properties of specific diseases and their genetic factors and complete a chart that compares the properties and genetic factors.
  • Describe current uses of genetic engineering and explain the resulting ethical issues.
  • Explain key metabolic pathways and energy balance in specific diseases.
  • State the focus of work for biochemists.
  • Read and critically evaluate the scientific literature.
  • Interpret and communicate experimental data.
  • Develop logical steps in a series of experiments.
  • Explain the relevance and significance of results in selected scientific literature.
  • Communicate research results effectively through written and oral presentations.
  • State an ethical issue in the current field of genetics and write a paper that gives possible ethical resolutions.
Course Topics
Topic Dates* Instructor
Topic 4.1. Biology’s Central Dogma? Dates Week 1 Instructor Hennington
Topic 4.2. DNA Mutations and Repair Dates Week 2 Instructor Hennington
Topic 4.3. Family Genetics Project I Dates Week 3 Instructor Hennington
Topic 4.4. DNA Mutations and Cancer Dates Week 4 Instructor Hennington
Topic 4.5. Cell Cycle Control and Cancer Biology Dates Week 5 Instructor Hennington
Topic 4.6. Ethical Considerations in Disease Research – a Paper Dates Week 6 Instructor Hennington
Topic 4.7. Sickle Cell Anemia – Case Study I Dates Week 7 Instructor Hennington
Topic 4.8. Microorganisms and Disease: Student Presentation Dates Week 8 Instructor Hennington
Topic 4.9. Influenza for the Ages – Case Study II Dates Week 9 Instructor Hennington
Topic 4.10. Diabetes Mellitus Dates Week 10 Instructor Hennington
Topic 4.11. Metabolic Dysfunction: Carbohydrate Metabolism Dates Week 11 Instructor Hennington
Topic 4.12. Muscle Contraction Dysfunction — Case Study III Dates Week 12 Instructor Hennington
Topic 4.13. Blood Clotting – Case Study IV Dates Week 13 Instructor Hennington
Topic 4.14. Nutrition and Vitamin Deficiencies Project II Dates Week 14 Instructor Hennington

*Note: The Course Topics listed above are for a regular fall or spring semester. The summer semester will be shortened to 10 weeks and several topics will be combined.

Quizzes: 15%
Projects (2): 30% (Rubrics will be used to grade each project)
Written Paper (1): 20%
Case Studies (4): 30% (Rubrics will be used to grade each case study)
Attendance: 5%

Students must maintain a 3.0/4.0 average in the Certificate Program.